The Renowned“Sexyama” and His Performance in Physical: 100’s… Choo Sung-Hoon 👊🏼

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Who is the “Sexyama” and his he more than a world class MMA athletes?… Absolutely!

akiyamachoo getting ready for a fight

The Renowned“Sexyama” and His Performance in Physical: 100’s… Choo Sung-Hoon 👊🏼

Who is the “Sexyama” and his he more than a world class MMA athletes?… Absolutely!

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This year, Netflix unveiled an electrifying South Korean reality contest – Physical: 100. It became available to viewers in January of 2023 and just recently concluded its magical run.

What is Physical: 100??

In Physical: 100, one hundred athletes from various disciplines compete in a series of individual and team challenges that test their physical strength. Imagine the dramatic production value of Squid Game blended with the exhilarating athletic battles on American Gladiators – this is what you can expect when you tune into this show! With a lucrative cash prize up for grabs and entrance into immortality by being crowned the ultimate champion, it’s no wonder why viewers flock to watch every episode.

Choo Sung-hoon, a remarkable Judoka and MMA fighter, is featured prominently on the show’s stellar lineup of contestants. Today, we’ll dive into his origin story and why he has become an iconic figure throughout South Korea, Japan, and beyond.

Who is the legend

Yoshihiro “Sexyama” Akiyama, also known as Choo Sung-hoon, is an international sensation in combat sports and a well-known celebrity. Born in Korea but raised in Japan, he enjoys fame from fans of both countries even before his renowned Mixed Martial Arts career began. Possessing a 3rd Dan Black Belt belt in Judo with additional wrestling, boxing, and kickboxing expertise, it’s no surprise that Sexyama has gained global acclaim!

An extraordinary judoka with remarkable grappling abilities, he has achieved a multitude of distinguished tournaments, such as the 2001 Asian Championships and 2002 Asian Games. It is no surprise that Asia is a leading power in Judo globally; their grapplers are remarkable! His wins were extremely noteworthy, given the exceptional caliber of athletes in this region.

Choo’s legendary Mixed Martial Arts career has attained immense success, with him winning the K-1 HERO’s Light Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament Championship in 2006. He is also well known for his impressive reign within the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), tangling with renowned competitors such as Alan Belcher, Chris Leben, Michael Bisping, Vitor Belfort, and Jake Shields.

In 2019, he signed with ONE Championship at the mature age of 40. His performance in the promotion has been remarkable since then – displaying his strong talents by defeating former champion Shinya Aoki in 2022 and consequently earning himself the performance of the Night bonus.

The celebrity side of Choo Sung-Hoon

Choo Sung-hoon is an exceptional sportsman whose accomplishments are remarkable. What’s even more incredible is that he has also gained celebrity status! His wife, Shiho Yano, complements him perfectly; she is a renowned Japanese fashion model… adding to the power-couples fame and notoriety.

Choo and his daughter, Sarang, have been making a splash on the hit variety show The Return of Superman. Their father-daughter bond has become one of the most memorable highlights for viewers. Mr. Choo also has extensive experience working with idols, celebrities, and athletes in both South Korea and Japan. He is truly an undeniable force in both countries!

When Choo Sung-hoon makes appearances on Japanese and South Korean variety shows, you know it’s going to be a treat! Not only is he an incredible fighter in the cage, but his singing capabilities are truly remarkable. In this video, watch him proudly showcase his talent with a finesse that will mesmerize you until the end.

Choo Sung-hoon…Family!

It’s clear that Choo Sung-hoon is a devoted dad and husband – take a quick look at YouTube, and you will find multiple clips of him spending quality time with his family. Despite his age, he exudes an air of calmness and expertise which gives us all the more reason to admire who he truly is as a person, irrespective of what may have been achieved in the field of MMA.

Sexyama’s appeal

If you’re unfamiliar with Choo Sung-hoon, ask yourself what all the enthusiasm is about. Sure, he’s an acclaimed martial artist and notable figure in his own right – but just how deep does this man go?

Choo Sung-hoon is no rookie. He has been in the martial arts industry for decades, and at 46 years of age, his continued success in MMA competition sets him apart from most men his age. His ability to stay relevant with his extreme physique, talent and charisma makes this one-of-a-kind fighter a true powerhouse that should not be overlooked.

Above all, Choo is an admirable father and family man. He strives to be an excellent example for the people he associates with – no matter how large or small his audience may be – and always wears a broad smile around them.

MMA Prowess

Now, let’s return to the discussion of Choo Sung-hoon, an MMA fighter whose fights always bring a lot of excitement. Check out this video above: observe how he launches his strikes as a preamble for taking the fight into clinch range! He prefers leading with punches and never shies away from trading with even the most formidable competitors – regardless if he wins or loses – when Choo is competing, you can be sure that it will be fireworks from start to finish!

Physical: 100 Performance

At the respectful age of 46, Choo Sung-hoon still looks and acts like the star that he is. Without giving away too much information about the show’s outcome, his performance in Physical: 100 was phenomenal and motivating. He demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities by not complaining even when matched up against younger competitors and enduringly standing toe to toe with them all.

His devotion to self-improvement, even as he got older, was remarkable. Having trained in martial arts his entire life undoubtedly assisted him when times were tough; the countless hours of training, drilling, and competing provided physical and mental strength that allowed him to stay composed while also tactically finding solutions. Notably different among all the young athletes present on the show, his silent assurance was more potent than any boastful competitor – something everyone could sense.

Physical: 100 is a show that can skyrocket people to stardom instantly. With the entire world as spectators, it’s undeniable that these contestants’ lives would be forever changed for the better. Choo Sung-hoon was no exception, and his success only amplified his popularity even further – we are all anticipating Sexyama’s return inside ONE Championship cage!

If you haven’t yet done so, be sure to watch Physical: 100 on Netflix. It is a fantastic show that will leave you thoroughly captivated from start to finish.



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