5 Rules, 14 Days, Fantastic Results: The Combat Whole-Food Detox Challenge By Spartan Combat

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Start off your New Year right with the Spartan Combat 14 day Detox challenge to help make your Rolls even better in 2023

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5 Rules, 14 Days, Fantastic Results: The Combat Whole-Food Detox Challenge By Spartan Combat

Start off your New Year right with the Spartan Combat 14 day Detox challenge to help make your Rolls even better in 2023

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Do you feel like your typical healthy practices have been derailed? (Stress can easily knock us off our routine and suddenly, we’re not as active, feeling drained and consuming unhealthy food.) It occurs to the best of us. While there are no excuses for letting ourselves go astray, it’s a huge victory when you recognize that now is the perfect time to make adjustments in order to become better again – both physically and mentally in 2023.

Joe De Sena, Founder and CEO of Spartan crafted this 14-day whole-food meal challenge to aid Athletes in elevating their diet and have outlined it here with some unique grappling twists to make your time on the mats even more rewarding this coming year.

“We can’t be our best selves and perform at our best without starting in the kitchen”, he mentioned. This plan is for each grappler who desires to optimize their nutrition intake, battle brain fog, improve sleep quality and quantity, gain lean muscle mass whilst shedding unwanted pounds swiftly — ultimately allowing us to better prepare for grappling tournament or even just your next training! (Think: salads galore = a fast total body reset!)

If you want to become the best version of yourself within two weeks, then this Combat Whole-Food Cleanse Meal Plan is for you! Follow these five easy rules – eat veggies, ditch booze and snacks at specific times, get rid of up to 10% of your bodyweight – and see amazing results. 

Get motivated now with this simple yet effective plan!

Enjoying a heightened quality of life just by eating right is the goal and result with this plan: “I highly recommend you make this your lifestyle, however, once every three months is enough,” says De Sena. You’ll have better sleep, improved sexual performance, less stress and increased productivity—in essence; optimum well-being in all spheres once you implement this proven detox plan! “”People have seen our blind spots as a species,” he adds. “We are not taking care of ourselves and this results in exposing a weakness.”

Let’s start correcting that today by adjusting our diets appropriately.

Make sure to take a moment and watch this quick clip on taking part in difficult tasks – although we’re not crossing the Arctic tundra here, it’s still important that you stay motivated while revamping your diet.


To give yourself some further inspiration, read through these powerful quotes from legendary Athletes and heroes. Doing so will help keep you strong as you continue with your detox!

2 Helpful Hints to Crush this Challenge like the Grappling Beast You Are


Unlike some other cleanses that require you to limit your physical activity due to lack of nutrition, this cleanse is highly unique and made to keep you rolling. Not only are we recommending a bounty of salad in order to reset your body, but being active during the process is also key! Our objective isn’t so much about depriving yourself or draining energy; it’s all about adjusting and retraining mental processes with the aim of staying healthfully vibrant long after our challenge has ended.

We recommend the following workout plan while you’re on this detox:

  • 30 Burpees per day 
  • 1 Mile light jog
  • 1 Pull-up at a time (or as many as you can) to get to 30
  • 5x 3min. light roles 3 days a week


During the initial stages of your journey, it’s normal to feel some doubt. We know that these kinds of demotivating thoughts can make you want to tap out quickly. It’s just temporary though! In fact, from day 3-5 your body may become desperate for sugary carbohydrates while detoxing. However, if you remain faithful and stick with it, soon enough all those feelings will pass – we promise!

Nevertheless, if you succumb to those temptations, it could be hazardous. Always keep in mind that your mental strength will give up before your physical body does. (In other words: cheating results from being mentally weak). That’s when your Mat-time perseverance steps into the scene! Withstand the allure and beat any craving and you’ll reap substantial advantages as a result of this effort on and off the mats. Seeking extra motivation? De Sena suggests to, “Seek out accountability for help!”


The Combat Whole-Food Detox Rules

Stop waiting and take action. Join 10’s of millions of grapplers worldwide who have already experienced a total transformation in their health thanks to training Jiu-Jitsu and a straightforward, whole-foods cleanse meal plan that ACTUALLY WORKS and that you can stick to!

#1: ONLY 3 Meals Per Day

Say goodbye to secret cheat meals and inadvertent snacks. If you genuinely can’t make it to your next scheduled meal, grab a handful of raw nuts as an alternative.

#2: Eat at Specific Times throughout the day

To ignite your metabolism, sustain your energy and expedite fat loss, design a meal plan that you will follow such as 9 a.m., 1 p.m. and 5 p.m – and avoid consuming large amounts of food in between these set times!

USEFUL HINT: For those who work during the night, such as an ambulance driver, police officer, trucker, farmer or shelf packer – try reversing your sleep schedule (i.e., 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. and then 5 a.m.). Doing this will maximize efficiency while still taking care of your nutritional needs.

#3: Every Meal =’s Large Salad 

When crafting this salad, use only the freshest vegetables available. The rule of thumb is to have four times as much salad as your chosen protein source. For instance, if you choose one portion of chicken–no problem! Just add 4 portions of salad and that’s it! If two servings of beef steak are what you prefer? Then pair it with 8 servings of salads and enjoy a delicious meal!

PRO TIP: You should feel full at the end of each meal. If you don’t, increase the amount of salad you’re eating. 

The ingredients of your salad are entirely up to you, but here are the essentials that must be included…

Your salad MUST, and again must, include:

  • A small drizzle of cold pressed olive oil
  • Avocado
  • Sprouts
  • Fennel
  • Apple cider vinegar

Optional food items: organic lean animal protein like fresh tuna, chicken, or Salomon. If you include extra non-veggies, don’t forget to multiply the greens by four.

Your salad MUST NOT include:

  • Other oils
  • Cheat ingredients (i.e. making your salad into a large Croutons with tomatoes and cheese, a.k.a. a pizza)
  • Processed meat (i.e. pepperoni, sausage)
  • Other crap. You get the idea

#4: Absolutely ZERO Added Sugars, White Rice, White Bread, or Refined Carbs

At. Any. Time. Period.

If you find yourself wanting those unhealthy snacks, take a step back and remember this is all about breaking the mental and physical dependency on these nutrients. Instead of reaching for that snack, do 10 burpees to refocus your thoughts. After the detox period has ended, then you can reintroduce these tempting eating habits back into your life in a smart and proportional way.

#5: Stick to H2O

Make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water; alcohol is strictly prohibited. If you wish, you can indulge in some beverages with a hint of caffeine like black coffee or tea, but we would advise against them as it will disrupt the process of resetting your metabolism and make this challenge much more difficult for you to complete.

The Re-Entry: So, You Conquered The Two Weeks… Now What? 

You are a Grappling powerhouse and you have the willpower to overcome every challenge in your way. After 14 days, you will be feeling more refreshed than ever before, having achieved better sleep patterns and fat loss while building healthy habits – all part of living life as a Grappler! But how do we prevent ourselves from uncontrollable binge-eating and other tempting options?

Here’s what De Sena says will keep the goodness rolling: 

Publicly commit

Tell everyone and especially your mother that you are now eating clean.

Ground yourself

Don’t let anything get in the way of your efforts. Focus, Focus, Focus!

Don’t buy junk

Keep the crap food out of the house or at least place it in hard to get places like the garage. (Hint: avoid grocery shopping while you’re hungry.) 

Keep prepared

Pre plan each week’s meals moving forward to make your choice automatic. 

Find your tribe

Gain friends who align with your healthy lifestyle…. You are the average of your 5 closest friends, choose wisely!

Stay positive

Success breeds success.  

Treat yourself

One (and we mean ONE) cheat day per week if you need it is oaky.



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