The Best Jiu-Jitsu Gi’s in 2022

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Discover the Lightest, Flashiest, and most durable BJJ Gi’s of 2022 and how you can get yours

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The Best Jiu-Jitsu Gi’s in 2022

Discover the Lightest, Flashiest, and most durable BJJ Gi’s of 2022 and how you can get yours

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Let’s face it, we’ve probably got enough Gi’s to last us a lifetime and then some. But is that going to stop us from adding one more to the collection? Not in the slightest.

Here’s Rolling Times breakdown of the best Gi’s in 2022.

The best value for the money

The Kingz Monarch Gi is, in our opinion, the 2022 Gi that came on the market and delivered across everything. Affordable, light, hard-wearing, and good-looking, it offers everything you need at an agreeable price point. Attention to detail across the embroidering brings an element of style, whilst the feel overall isn’t too shouty.

With a 450 GSM jacket and 10oz pants, the reinforced stitching and double reinforced knee areas mean this Gi was built for performance without sacrificing durability. The new look from Kingz is subtle but apparent, and there are some nice touches throughout as this Gi celebrates 10 years of the Kingz Kimono brand. If that weren’t enough to sway you, you get a matching convertible tote bag with your purchase that can be used for carrying your gym kit around in style.

The flashiest

At this point, it’s almost unfair to consider any other brand other than Shoyroll as being the fanciest Gi in town. Their latest play, the Coral Competitor 22.7, is no exception to the rule, coming in at nearly double the cost of most Gi’s. Playing on style arguably over substance, the Coral Competitor features the recognizable logo embroidery but is slightly more restrained than previous Gi’s, with an understated approach to design.

Quite easily being able to pass as simplistic, this Gi relies more on contrasting coloring and minimalistic branding than previous versions (check out the Athens Kimono to understand what we mean). Whilst some will struggle to justify the price, those that do will be able to walk on the mat making a statement. The risk there, of course, is you need to be able to back it up…

The lightest

The Kingz Ultralight 2.0 is by far and away the best Gi when it comes to weight. Specifically designed to be a lightweight Gi, the jacket is only 420 GSM, helping this Gi fit comfortably into the ultra-lightweight category. Ideal if you’re looking to compete, this Gi helps to take some of the pressure off when stepping on the scales.

Concerns around durability are alleviated with the triple reinforced stitching across all stress points, as well as being made from one piece of fabric. This not only adds to the strength of the material but also reduces the weight as there is no need for stitching and material across seams. The 8oz pants are double reinforced, making this a tough Gi without sacrificing lightness. Combined with a simplistic look and IBJJF legal accreditation, this Gi comfortably steps in and takes the Lightest Gi of 2022.

The hardest wearing

If you know you’re going to put your Gi through its paces and are in need of something a little more prepared for those tougher roles, then our pick goes to the Hayabusa Goorudo 3. Whilst there may be Gi’s out there claiming to be the toughest of the bunch, the Goorudo 3 was built to last. Tough and battle ready, this Gi features a unique gold weave fabric and stitching that creates an incredibly hard-wearing material. It has a 550 GSM jacket and 12oz pants that not only makes it rougher for your opponents to grip but also feels incredibly thick when being worn.

The entire Gi, from jacket to pants, has been reinforced throughout, with all stress points being double-stitched for superior strength. All this attention means this Gi is the personification of durability. Whilst some may fear this focus on toughness has meant for an uncomfortable Gi, attention has also been placed on fit and feel, with comfort being found in the ultra-soft interior of the jacket and no compromise when it comes to manoeuvrability or performance.



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