The Gloves Are Off, Nick Rod Blasts Gordon Ryn for Using Steroids

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In a recent interview on Mark Bell’s Power Project, Nick Rod Goes after Gordon Ryan for using steroids

Nick Rodriguez on a podcast

The Gloves Are Off, Nick Rod Blasts Gordon Ryn for Using Steroids

In a recent interview on Mark Bell’s Power Project, Nick Rod Goes after Gordon Ryan for using steroids

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Former teammates-turned-rivals Nick Rodriguez and Gordon Ryan recently squared off at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3 in December 2022. In a close and competitive EBI rules match, Ryan eventually emerged victorious via control time in overtime.

However, shortly after that victory, Ryan accused Rodriguez of greasing to make it difficult for him to gain grips and advance his position from the bottom. This accusation led to a war of words between the two no-gi competitors over social media.

In a recent appearance on Mark Bell’s Power Project, Rodriguez was asked to speak about his former Danaher Death Squad teammate – who had bested him in their 2022 ADCC finals bout – and what makes him so good.

To hear all that Rodriguez has to say about his rival, tune into the full interview on Power Project!

Nick is adamant that he remains all natural in a world filled with PEDs and steroids.

“I think once I beat Gordon I’ll be considered the best pound-for-pound. I think right now I am the best pound-for-pound, especially if you’re talking not using any bodily enhancements, I’m by far the pound-for-pound best. Some of the guys that do steroids in the sport, they literally coulnd’t compete at all if they weren’t…

“You’re talking guys that are naturally 175, 180 pounds, and in nine months they’re 230 pounds. It’s f****** insane…  You can do that, but it’s harder doing it, building that muscle when you’re doing an hour-plus cardio every day, and it just takes much longer. I’m very confident that a lot of these guys couldn’t compete if they were natty, so I call myself the Natty King.”

He also reflected on his last match with former teammate Gordon Ryan where he popped the foot of Ryan during a heated leg exchange. However, in the ADCC finals, Ryan was able to submit Nick with ease.

“The best guy is Gordon Ryan currently and I just broke his foot, so we’re getting closer every time.”

To end, Nick opened up about Ryan’s use of steroids

“If you ever watch Gordon, he’s got a ton of excuses… 

“His biggest thing is steroids. You can’t gain 50 pounds of muscle and be like, ‘It’s irrelevent.’ No, it’s super f****** relevant. You wouldn’t be half the person you were if you didn’t do that. 

“No disrespect, but you have somebody that preaches ‘technique is king, technique is king,’ then why are you trying to be so strong? That’s my point on it. 

“And I honestly wouldn’t have even said that if he didn’t, after I match, be like ‘ah this guy’s f****** greasing.’ You’re talking about greasing, which I didn’t… That’s his excuse, he’s like, ‘He put lotion on.’ First of all, no, never cheated a f****** bit. And then on top of that, I’m a natural athlete going against a not-natural athlete and you still need excuses. I definitely wouldn’t have even called him out on that but it just irked me a bit that he’s like, ‘This guy’s f****** greasing.

“Bro, I broke your foot, just live with it.”

Ryan wasted no time in responding to his former teammate.

And just 10 hrs. ago Gordon put forth this challenge to his former teammate:

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