Bruce Lee posing for a photo with sun glasses

Bruce Lee, Just a Hollywood Star? Rickson Gracie Explains

2 min read Was Bruce Lee a legit fighter or just a Hollywood star, Rickson Gracie tells us
Rodrigo Marello with ONE championship

Learning From a Mother… How Rodrigo Marello Grew up with Jiu-Jitsu

2 min read Rodrigo Marello opens up about how his mother influenced his Jiu-Jitsu journey before signing with ONE Championship
craig jones winning at the ADCCs

Watch Craig Jones Recap His B-Team’s performance at the 2022 ADCC World Championships

3 min read Craig Jones outlines what his team had to overcome to be at the 2022 ADCCs and some areas to improve
Firas Zahabi after training at his gym

“PED Use is Worse in BJJ Than in MMA. Some Blue Belts Are Jacked Out Of Their Minds” – Firas Zahabi

4 min read Is the grappling/Jiu-Jitsu industry full of PEDs or is that just the talk of people with dismal competitive results... the reality may shock you!
Tom Hardy winning a BJJ tournament

Tom Hardy With a Jiu-Jitsu Tourney Win Streak!

3 min read Read about Tom Hardy's commitment to Jiu-Jitsu on the competition scene and beyond with his REORG charity ambassadorship
ADCC world Championships stage in las vegas

Video Highlights: ADCC World Championships Results

6 min read Watch the highlights of the 2022 ADCCs and see how every match unfolded in the biggest Submission grappling event yet
gordonlovesjiujitsu picture from instagram

Feeling lucky? Betting Odds Are Out for ADCC 2022

5 min read Learn all the betting odds for your grappling champs in the ADCCs so you can have a chance to win big in Vegas!
Jake Paul and Silva getting ready to fight

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva… “My Toughest Test Yet”… October 29th

3 min read Who did Jake Paul call out next!?... The Legend Anderson 'The Spider' Silva… Boxing match set for October 29th on Showtime PPV.
Renzo gracie with back belt

Renzo Gracie Seen In A New York Subway Fight Via Instagram

4 min read Watch Renzo Gracie subdue an assailant who was insulting him and his friends in a New York Subway.
nate diaz teaching a kid BJJ

The Rumors Are True…Nate Diaz Will Launch An MMA, BJJ, & Boxing Promotion: “Real Fight, Inc.”

2 min read Read the latest statement release from Nate Diaz about his new venture Real Fight, Inc. and how they aim to impact the combat sports world
Joe Rogan on his podcast

Does Mark Zuckerberg Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

4 min read Did you know Mark Zuckerberg started training BJJ and also surfs.... read the full story below with Joe Rogan
Watch Buchecha before his fight on ONE championship

Buchecha Wins Another MMA Fight 1:04 Into First Round With An Inside Heel Hook

3 min read Watch Buchecha land a quick heel hook submission 1:04 into his match with Grishenko with ONE Championship on Prime
Tom Deblass giving a blue belt to a student

Making History!…Tom Deblass Partners With NYPD Jiu-Jitsu As Official Affiliate

3 min read It's official, the NYPD is finally getting the BJJ training they so desperately deserve with an affiliation with none other than Tom Deblass!

Seeding The Most Difficult Bracket At the ADCC, 66KG

5 min read The 66kg bracket at the ADCC is a complete guessing game, expect for two areas, the no. 1 seed and teammates facing off early.
ADCC 2022 with gordon ryan

The Official VIP List: Who’s Competing In The ADCC 2022 World Championship

Updated August 25th, 2022: Check out the official list of every grappler who will compete in the 2022 ADCC World Championships