Gordon Ryan Releases His First NFT With BJJFanatics

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See how to invest in Gordon Ryan’s first ever NFT and the full breakdown of what you get

Gordon Ryan NFT photo

Gordon Ryan Releases His First NFT With BJJFanatics

See how to invest in Gordon Ryan’s first ever NFT and the full breakdown of what you get

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Gordon Ryan just announced the release of his very first (limited edition) NFT, with BJJ Fanatics linking all his future instructionals to this pioneering NFT. Ryan is the first World Champion grappler to get into the NFT market and Metaverse. The investment for one such NFT is one Ethereum, about $3,063.45 as of 04/19/2022. 

Ryan is no stranger to Blockchain or the Metaverse. He managed to grab the grappling world’s first six-figure sponsorship contract with Bitcoin Cash to represent the growing cryptocurrency in the run-up to and during ADCC 2022…. A historical mile marker for the sport of Grappling that will hopefully help pave the way for more and more capital to flow into the art we have all come to love.  

So, what do you get for one GR NFT

Each GR NFT owner will be granted unlimited lifetime access to all of his BJJfanatics instructionals that he produces after the date the individual NFT was purchased. To break this down from a cost savings approach, Ryan intends on releasing six instructionals per year for the foreseeable future. Given that his instructionals usually cost on average $298.00, Gordan Ryan’s NFT will save the owner nearly $1,788 every year that they hold it. So, given that the GR NFT costs 1 Ethereum at $3,063.45, it should pay for itself in under 2 years. This, however, is not accounting for the usual 45% off you can get with coupon code: STAYWITHUS45 on BJJfanatics. With this discount taken into account, you’re looking at just over 3 years for Gordan Ryan’s NFT to pay for itself. 

If you’re a diehard fan of Ryan’s instructionals, this is an excellent opportunity to invest in the future with his NFT. This again will give you the right to receive all of his instructional videos with BJJ Fanatics from now on. As with nearly every other NFT, the other great thing is that it’s a marketable asset with Blockchain guaranteeing its ownership and authenticity. With only 100 available ever, I would recommend investing sooner than later as NFTs with celebrity backers generally have a way of going crazy high…. Think CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, etc. Now, will his NFT reach these heights… highly unlikely. But investing in his NFT to earn an extra few thousand may be a risk worth taking.

Instagram Announcement

Also, check out his Instagram announcement where he explains it all:

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To learn more about this opportunity or invest in one of Gordon Ryan’s first ever NFTs visit OpenSea



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