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Cluadia Lima on BJJ (Portuguese)

Our Brazil team sat down with the mother of Caio Terra, Cluadia Lima, to discuss her life through BJJ and what it means to her. (Portuguese)

“The Kent Peters” Tells All

Carla Hoch interviews the one and only “TheKentPeters.” Kent dives deep into his personal story and what drives him to succeed and grow every day on and off the mats. (Mature Content, Viewer Discretion Advised)

One of The Architects of New Zealand Jiu-Jitsu (pt. 2)

Catch part 2 of Lance Campbells interview with Pedro Fernandez. They Dive even deeper into the beginnings of the New Zealand Jiu-Jitsu scene.

One of The Architects Of New Zealand Jiu-Jitsu, Pedro Fernandez (PT. 1)

Lance Campbell of Rolling Times NZ sat down with Pedro Fernandez to speak about the development of Jiu-Jitsu in New Zealand and where they believe it is going in the future. An interview you won’t want to miss.

Ryan Markish

Listen to our sit down exclusive with Florida businessman and BJJ Black Belt Ryan Markish. He dives deep into his personal journey through the sport and the struggles he faced with substance abuse and how BJJ helped him overcome his addiction. His story is truly inspiring!

Chris Conolley

Watch our exclusive sit down interview with SBG Birmingham and Spartan Jiu-Jitsu’s owner and coach Chris Conelley. He dives deep into his personal journey and what it took to build a successful gym in a competitive market.