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Spartan RTC Training Camp Interviews

Our wrestling partner Dan Ward had the opportunity to sit down with some of the competitors at the Spartan RTC camp in Orlando Fl, at CFWA during state training. He spoke with many of the athletes on what it means to represent their state at a national level and how they stay motivated to continue!

Sudden Death Matches at Spartan RTC State Training Camp

Watch our footage from the Spartan RTC and CFWA state wrestling camp training from Orlando, FL. We had the opportunity to catch some great sudden death matches and the end of the event and sit down with some of the competitors to see what wrestling means to them!

Tommy Carpenter

Tommy Carpenter Of Omega MMA

Tommy Carpenter of Omega MMA out of Clearwater Florida gave a candid interview about his life through martial arts and where it’s taken him. Going in-depth with our team to the heart of what truly makes him want to come back the next day and continue to run a GYM everyday. What is his motivation? Watch the interview below to find out.

Eduardo Teta Rios Talks With Rolling Times

Eduardo Rios, aka Teta, sat down with Rolling Times in Houston the night of his teams UFC fights to speak with us about his journey through Jiu-jitsu. Teta, discusses his origins, moving from Brazil, and opening his GYM in Norway.

Raza Kazmi Sits With The Legend… Murilo Bustamante

Raza Kazmi traveled down to Brazil and visited some of the most recognizable names in the Jiu-Jitsu community trying to discover more of the origins and untold history of BJJ. In this interview Raza met with Coral Belt Murilo Bustamante and dove deep into the gentle art.

Bebeo Duarte And Ana Carneiro Sit Down and Talk Arte Suave

Bebeo Duarte and Ana Carneiro sit down and talk the Arte Suave (gentle art). Ana goes into the history of the sport through speaking with Bebeo and connecting the origins to the master himself… Carlson Gracie. (In Portuguese)