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IBJJF World Championships in California 2022

What Is the Difference Between IBJJF Masters Worlds and the World Championships

4 min read
The massive IBJJF World Masters Jiu-Jitsu Championship will command over 5000 competitors going for the number one spot, but how does it compare to the World Championships?

professor and student grappling in BJJ

Finding the Balance: Training With Grappling Partners of Different Genders, Sizes, Ages, and Skill Levels

7 min read
“The beautiful thing about Jiu-Jitsu is that we have choices. It’s an art that gives us confidence and power. We can choose who we roll with. We can tap. That’s powerful.” – Alison Thurston

Eduardo Teta Rios Talks With Rolling Times

Eduardo Rios, aka Teta, sat down with Rolling Times in Houston the night of his teams UFC fights to speak with us about his journey through Jiu-jitsu. Teta, discusses his origins, moving from Brazil, and opening his GYM in Norway.