BJJ and Mental Hygiene

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Can BJJ not only improve your physical health but also clean your mind from the stress and mental battels we face in life?…. yes!

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BJJ and Mental Hygiene

Can BJJ not only improve your physical health but also clean your mind from the stress and mental battels we face in life?…. yes!

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This has been a difficult couple of years for most people. People have struggled in many ways: financially, in their work, relationships, and much more. The pandemic was rough; it discouraged many. Some people even got so disgusted they even let their hygiene go. Not just physically, but many people also let their MENTAL HYGIENE go astray too.

What we can and can’t see

For example, in the morning and throughout the day, it’s common for many people to brush their teeth, comb their hair, wash their face, shower, put on lotion, and a wide array of hygienic routines to keep themselves feeling and looking up to par. But we see some people in struggling cities in particular completely let that go for various reasons. Hygiene is of no concern to them, and it is clearly visible. Sometimes, it also attacks our sense of smell. But what is not so obvious, and what we can’t see, is the mental hygiene of people. 

Positive and negative mental attributes

Even with our closest friends and family, we can’t always see their level of mental hygiene, which should be carefully considered. Obvious mental attributes that are said to be positive are: adequate rest, tai chi, yoga, breathing, silence, a positive thought life, positive relationships, and quality conversation. Nonetheless, sometimes there is poor mental hygiene, which is usually accompanied by excessive habits… be it binge eating, binge drinking, abusing drugs, both pharmaceutical and street drugs, which CAN help but often do not. 

Balance in life with BJJ

All things usually come down to one word: balance. When it comes to mental hygiene and keeping yourself in a positive, hopeful mental state, one of the best things you can do for yourself is Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ). When you train BJJ properly, proper meaning warming up, drilling, and resistance training, you will generally end with an endorphin rush, one that is quite enjoyable! Runners commonly experience this as the “runner’s high.” Other sports can share this, too, often connected with being “in the zone.” There are several “zones.” Some are visual, and some are neuroendocrinological, meaning chemicals in the brain. 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has a marvelous way of allowing us to tap into these brain chemicals to help us with our mental hygiene. What is even better about it is that you don’t even need experience. You will get a beautiful feeling with an endorphin rush after training, whether you’ve been doing it for a decade or if it’s your first night. 

Hidden gem of BJJ

There are levels to the intensity of the endorphin rush that will clean your brain hygienically. This is one of the unspoken hidden gems inside of BJJ. It is unspoken because it cannot BE spoken. One cannot properly relay to another person the chemical rush that an excellent Brazilian jiu-jitsu session can give another. I’ve tried to explain it, trust me. Using just the English language with as much surgical proficiency as possible, but some people just aren’t interested, notwithstanding the fact that they would have to go through the physical aggression and movements to be paid that endorphin rush in return. 

The BJJ deal

You see, that’s the process, that’s the deal. You don’t get to have the mental hygiene through the endorphin rush without the physical payment; that’s the deal. It’s not a deal that everyone is down for. You may know a lot of people who train Jiu-Jitsu because you do Jiu-Jitsu. But, if you sold sweaters or repaired bulldozers, you’d know quite a few people in that field as well; it’s just natural. But, in the grand scope of the world, most of humanity is not training period, let alone BJJ. That’s too bad, many more can, not all, but many, and they too stand ready to clean their brain a bit or a lot, depending on how dedicated they are to improving themselves. 

BJJ’s absolute benefit

One thing is for sure: if you train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you WILL clean your brain. Not forever, but like after the housekeeper comes to your home, you will soon notice that there will be another cleaning needed, probably in a few days, depending on your desire for cleanliness. If you train every day, you will have a clean, sharp, and tidy mind. Not a perfect mind, but you will have a much better vision and presence of mind than you would if you didn’t train BJJ regularly. 

So, I invite you into regular treatments of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for your mental hygiene. Let’s clean up our brains, my friends. 

Have a blessed day,

Judo Joe



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