Feeling lucky? Betting Odds Are Out for ADCC 2022

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Learn all the betting odds for your grappling champs in the ADCCs so you can have a chance to win big in Vegas!

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Feeling lucky? Betting Odds Are Out for ADCC 2022

Learn all the betting odds for your grappling champs in the ADCCs so you can have a chance to win big in Vegas!

Location: Las Vegas, NA.

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Las Vegas is hosting the most anticipated grappling tournament of the year, the ADCC’s. And what better place than Vegas, where the betting goes all night long. 5 Male divisions packed to the brim with 16 athletes each, 2 Female brackets with 8 per division…. the betting action never stops.  

Online betting sites have already started giving odds for the tournament, and we’ll bring them to you here!

(Note: RTM does not endorse illegal gambling. Please check local laws)


Without a returning champion, the lightest weight division has some heavy favorites. Garry Tonon is among this and a betting favorite along with Kennedy Maciel. If Maciel wins gold, betting sites are handing out a $140 reward with a $100 bet.

Maciel is looking hot right now off his recent competitions, and the massive weight cut from Tonon has people asking questions. Will he be able to keep his fast-paced style, or will he die out too soon? We’ll find out.

On the other side of the spectrum, Ethan Crelinsten is an underdog at +1000. Being an ACC Veteran, he is primed and ready for this month’s action. Ruan Alvarenga is the other rascal waiting for his time to shine, and with a +900, he might just be a gamble-taking.

  • Garry Tonon +135
  • Kennedy Maciel +140
  • Cole Abate +250 
  • Fabricio Andrey +350
  • Diogo Reis +400
  • Diego Oliveira +450
  • Ashley Williams +600
  • Gabriel Souza +600 
  • Keith Krikorian +700
  • Josh Cisneros +800
  • Ruan Alvarenga +900 
  • AJ Agazarm +1000
  • Ethan Crelinsten +1000 
  • Geo Martinez +1500
  • Jeremy Skinner +2000
  • Sam McNally +2500


If you like going with the flow and with who is burning up the mats, Jt Torres might be the man for you. Winning back-to-back golds at the 17’ and 19’ ADCC’s he is trying to become the first to ever win 3 in a row.

Also, a favorite is Mica Galvao. With a +160 value, he can give a good reward but has yet to demonstrate his skills against veteran tacticians in an ADCC ruleset. 

Probably the most underrated athlete in the category may be Nicky Ryan. Coming with +500, Nicky has shown amazing progress and growth through his career and should be considered for any betting man.

Coming with the largest risk, Tommy Langaker is a long shot but sometimes those pay off the most at a +1000.

  • JT Torres +125
  • Mica Galvao +160
  • Kade Ruotolo +175
  • Dante Leon +350
  • Nicky Ryan +500
  • Renato Canuto +600
  • Roberto Jimenez +600
  • Davi Ramos +700
  • William Tackett +700
  • Andy Varela +750
  • PJ Barch +800
  • Lachlan Giles +850
  • Tommy Langaker +1000
  • Oliver Taza +1250
  • Magid Hage +2000
  • Kenta Iwamoto +2500


Probably the safest bet in this division is Matheus Diniz; his impressive run in 2019 he’s making it difficult to bet against him. Coming in at a smaller demeanor is Tye Ruotolo. Tye Has incredible potential to upset the bracket but with a +185 odds a little bit risky for the safe bet.

An undervalued bargain may just be Pedro Marinho with a +350. A solid competitor that can run the standup game on his terms. With a +550, Izaak Michell is definitely the sleeper in the 88KG division. Are you willing to bet on the man from Australia?

  • Matheus Diniz +125 
  • Lucas Barbosa +160 
  • Tye Ruotolo +185
  • Pedro Marinho +350
  • Mason Fowler +400
  • Giancarlo Bodoni +550
  • Izaak Michell +550 
  • Vagner Rocha +600
  • Xande Ribeiro +700
  • Josh Hinger +800
  • Jacob Rodriguez +1000
  • Isaque Bahiense +1000
  • Eoghan O’Flanagan +2000
  • Alexandre De Jesus +2500
  • Santeri Ilius +2500
  • Roberto Dib Frias +2500


A risky category, the 99KG has no real safe bets. Kaynan Duarte is at +130, and Craig Jones at +180. Duarte has bested Jones in the past, but Jones has been able to improve his game. Enough to beat Duarte; who knows.

Nicholas Meregali is sitting at +450 and is a dark horse in the division that could upset the tables. Training with Meregali, Luke Griffith is yet another dark horse with a +750. A great reward but risky for sure.

  • Kaynan Duarte +130 
  • Yuri Simoes +170
  • Craig Jones +180 
  • Nicholas Meregali +450 
  • Vinicius Ferreira +500
  • Rafael Lovato Jr +600
  • Paul Ardilla +650
  • Patrick Gaudio +650
  • Devhonte Johnson +650
  • Elder Cruz +700
  • Luke Griffith +750 
  • Kyle Boehm +1000
  • Joao Costa +2000
  • Henrique Ceconi +2500
  • Perttu Tepponen +2500
  • Owen Livesey +2500


From all of the competitors, Gordan Ryan is obviously the safest bet but has a minimal payout with a -400. The only athlete with a minus along their betting odds. 

With a +600, Victor Hugo is undeniably a sleeper, but can this man wake up to be a safe bet for players at a +600 reward… you’ll have to pick for yourself.

  • Gordon Ryan -400
  • Felipe Pena +300
  • Nick Rodriguez +400
  • Roberto Abreu +500
  • Joao Gabriel +550
  • Victor Hugo +600 
  • Vinny Magalhaes +700
  • Max Gimenez +800
  • John Hansen +800
  • Roosevelt Sousa +900
  • Haisam Rida +1000
  • Daniel Manasoiu +1000
  • Damon Ramos +1250
  • Orlando Sanchez +1500
  • Heikki Jussila +2500
  • Josh Saunders +2500

Womens 60KG

With no safe bets on this women’s division, betting is up for grabs, and rewards are up to the willingness to take a chance. Bianca Basilio, a favorite, but not the safest choice, maybe. Ffion Davies and Beatriz Mesquita are severe threats to Basilio’s gold medal run.

Mesquita is an undervalued bargain at +300 and might be a wise choice for potential betters.

An exciting bet may be Mayssa Batos at a +400 value; she is primed to take the ADCC by storm with an impressive career so far at black belt.

  • Bianca Basilio +120
  • Ffion Davies +140
  • Bia Mesquita +300
  • Brianna Ste-Marie +300
  • Mayssa Bastos +400
  • Elvira Karppinen +2000
  • Adele Fornarino +2000
  • Julia Maele +2000

Womens +60KG

This is a very interesting division to watch out for. With five competitors looking to make a statement, all give an exciting bet for players. Gabi Garcia sits at a +120, Rafaela Guedes a +145 value, Kendall Reusing +325, Amy Campo +375, and Elizabeth Clay +1000. 

These Women are sure to give the audience some fast action and impressive grappling. It’s a toss-up for a safe better, but if you like to live dangerously, give the Women’s +60KG your bet.

  • Gabi Garcia +120
  • Rafaela Guedes +145
  • Kendall Reusing +325
  • Amy Campo +375
  • Elizabeth Clay +1000
  • Giovanna Jara +1500
  • Eleftheria Christodolou +2000
  • Nikki Lloyd-Griffiths +2000

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