BJJ in the UK and It’s Star Athletes

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Do you know about the UK BJJ scene… if not read here to find out about its recent growth and 4 standout Grappling stars

Fionn Davies throwing her opponent

BJJ in the UK and It’s Star Athletes

Do you know about the UK BJJ scene… if not read here to find out about its recent growth and 4 standout Grappling stars

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It’s no secret to those that live there that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that has been gaining popularity in the United Kingdom (UK) in recent years, with many UK athletes achieving great success in local and international competitions. One reason for the rise in popularity of BJJ in the UK is the success of British athletes on the international stage. In the past few years, UK-based BJJ practitioners have brought home numerous medals from major tournaments, including the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship and the European Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

One of the other vital tournaments in the BJJ world is the Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) World Championship, which is held every two years in Abu Dhabi. The ADCC is considered one of the world’s most prestigious and competitive BJJ tournaments and attracts top athletes from around the globe. In recent years, UK athletes have had great success at the ADCC, with several gold medals being won by UK competitors.

This popularity has been driven in part by the success of UK athletes like Fionn Davies, Eoghan Flanagan, Natalie Dillon, and Oliver Lovell, who have brought attention to the sport and inspired others to get involved.

1. Three ADCC Golds… Fionn Davies

Fionn Davies, who has won three gold medals at the ADCC World Championship in the past four years, and made history by becoming the first British athlete to win gold at the IBJFF worlds and ADCC, is known for her aggressive and technical style, which has helped her become one of the top BJJ athletes in the world. In addition to her ADCC and Worlds success, Davies has also won numerous other titles, including the European Open and the UK No-Gi National Championship.

2. UK No-Gi National Championship…Eoghan Flanagan

Another UK athlete who has had great success in the BJJ world is Eoghan Flanagan. Flanagan is a black belt in BJJ and has won numerous titles, including the European Open and the UK No-Gi National Championship, and has gained recent notoriety with a standout performance at ADCC 2022. Flanagan has also represented the country at both the World Championship and the European Championship.

3. World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Blue Belt Gold… Natalie Dillon

In addition, one standout British athlete is Natalie Dillon, who earned her black belt in BJJ in 2020 and has had a string of impressive victories at international competitions. In 2019, she won gold at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship in the blue belt division and followed that up with a bronze medal at the European Championship in 2020. 

4. Gold at the European Championships… Oliver Lovell

Last but not least on the list is top UK BJJ competitor Oliver Lovell with a similar track record, winning gold at the European Championship in both 2018 and 2019 in the purple belt division. Lovell is known for his aggressive style and unrelenting pressure on the mat.

With an intense competition scene, hosting both local and national tournaments throughout the year, the UK has created a wealth of opportunities for athletes to test their skills against other competitors and showcase their talent on a national stage.

BJJ’s Uniqueness

One of the unique aspects of BJJ is that it is a martial art that can be practiced by people of all sizes and strengths. This is because the focus is on technique and leverage rather than brute force. This makes it an ideal martial art for men and women, as well as children, teenagers and adults.

In addition to its physical benefits, BJJ is also a great way to build mental toughness and develop discipline. The sport requires a high level of focus and attention to detail, and practitioners must be able to think on their feet and adapt to changing situations.

UK BJJ Success Recap

Overall, the recent success of UK athletes in BJJ has helped to boost the popularity of the martial art in the country. With its focus on technique and mental discipline, BJJ is an exciting and rewarding activity for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you are interested in competing at the highest levels or just looking for a fun and challenging way to get fit, BJJ has something to offer.

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